SDP Sports Club

SDP Sports Club is a membership based club, To make some profits on sporting events such as football matches etc. once a week i place what is avalible to bet on you select what games you think will win. Cost is 100 SDP per Month and dividends are paid out every 2 Months there is SDP and Cash Bonuses to the members. You simply Select 5 or more Teams or events from the list we will produce on a Moday. We then Lay the Bet on at CME Sports and if your selections all come in the Money gets split into the pot. There is also a Cash Bonus on the top predictors i will put an example up

Lets say we had 10 members

they hit 4 Accas up between them

1 Paid 1500 SDP

1 Paid 500 SDP

1 Paid 2000 SDP

1 Paid 250 SDP


Total = 4125 SDP


1 Member Hit 2 Accas Making him the Top player so he gets a Real Cash bonus of   GBP payed into his paypal .


All Members that month would be gettiing 412.5 SDP each .


These Figures are just to show how it works and may be much higher or lower.






Q How do i know games etc to select ?

A We will email the weeks games and you just email back your selections.


Q How do i know how much is in the pot ?

A We will email results to all members with how much cash bonus is up for grabs and what we have in our SDP pot.


Q What if I fail to predict an acca or pay my monthly fee?


A Failing to send in your selection will just put the money we were putting on your selection into our winning pot . Failing to pay means you cannot take part and will be Excluded.


Q How Do You Work Out Winnings ?

A You pay 100 SDP a Month This covers us to place bets at 25 SDP on each persons Accas per week.


Any More Questions Email us


To Join up Simply Email Us and we will begin the process