SDP Race Club is a privite members club .

SDP Race Clubs is a Virtual Horse Racing Game and plays for Real Money. People trade Horses Train them and pay for races. Its so in Detailed you even have to pay to shoe your horses,Buy blinkers and much more . The Top Horese can earn 1000`s



You can buy 2.5% of a Stable share for 3000 SDP , This will mean you will get paid Real Cash for Horse wins,Horse sales and anything else. There is no recurring fees its your share for 1 year. We will be constantly adding new horses to our stable and hoping to train a Champion for the big races such as Ascot etc. Once paid we will invite you to a hidden group where its easy to comunicate and keep up to date with us. Winnings will be paid Quarterly and sent Via Paypal in GBP as we are Brittish we work in £ but this will simply convert to your currency . On here will be a little info and feel free to email if any questions. You can buy as many shares as there is available which we are only releasing 20 lots of shares atm .

Our Current Horses

Navajo War Dance

Total 7 Wins
Graded 2 Wins
Rated 0 Wins
Claiming 5 Wins
Free 0 Wins

Grade: 2
Age: 4
Sex: Colt
Rating 100
Earnings: £62.36

Sales Ring: Sep 18, 15
Transfer: Apr 21, 16
Cost: £7.00

Navajo War Dance

Our New Horse we bought in a claimer looks to do us well.

Sydpak Destroyer

   Total 0 Wins   

   Graded 0 Wins   

   Rated 0 Wins   

   Free 0 Wins   

Grade: 2
Age: 2
Sex: Filly
Rating 100
Earnings: £0.00

Sales Ring: Apr 21, 16
Transfer: -
Cost: £14.00

Sydpak Destroyer

We have run trials and the results show this wont be a Champion horse, However it should run well in some lower class races.

Other Horses we have are

SDP Coin - Weak horse will be entering it in Claiming Races to hope to sell it.


Sydpak V1 - Same as SDP Coin .

Navajo War Dance Winning on the 29/04/16