SDP Coin Road Map
Coin Name :  Sydpakcoin
Coin Ticker : SDP
Coin Spec:
Algo : X13
Blocktime : 180 Seconds
Diff Adjust : every 2 Blocks
Proof of Stake : 2 % Per Year
Proof of Stake Min.Coin Age : 120 Minutes
Proof of Stake Max.Coin Age : Unlimited

SDP is our Merchant coin this means we are developing it for commercial and business use
Our First aim is to get a mining pool goin then the following steps to be released.
Yobit Trade site so people can buy and sell the coin.
Strip Dice - This is just a fun gambling site with low stakes and some adult fun where the more you play the more the woman takes her clothing off.
Auction Site - This will be used to buy and sell and pay in SDP coin for products creating a tradable use for phisical goods.
Mining Rig Rentals - Pay to rent various mining rigs via SDP coin.
PPC Site - This is where you can Advertise and also earn SDP.
+ Much More